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Socionics — more than just personality types

Socionics is a theory of human interaction based on patterns of information processing. It originated in the 1970s in Lithuania and has since become popular in the Russian-speaking world. Until just a few years ago socionics was completely unknown in the West. Read more >>

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the 16 socionic types
16 types and 16 relationships

The 16 socionic types differ in the way they perceive and process different information elements, or facets of reality. In addition to 16 psychological types, there are 16 kinds of intertype relations based on the nature of information interchange between types.

AUG 2012: I haven't updated this site for 5 years, but I still write at my socionics blog and post typings at Wikisocion.

Where to begin studying socionics

This list of materials on socionics will make the learning process easier by helping you move from more basic to more difficult concepts.

Socionics dating site

Steven SpielbergRutger HauerOprah WinfreyGarrison KeillorBonoGeorge LucasStanley KubrickGrace KellyTom JonesBrad Pitt
Socionic types of famous people
(last update 1/5 — now over 220 people)

Translated materials
I have created a section with notes on classic socionics works where I am currently adding material written by socionics founder Aushra Augusta. (last update 1/22/2007)


Complementary types in socionics

Unique to socionics is the concept of duals, or pairs of complementary psychological types. Dual relations can be especially fulfilling and are able to satisfy the psyche in ways no other socionic relationship can.

No other existing typology provides a coherent theory explaining different types of relationships.


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